Friday, January 8, 2016

The Documented Life Project 2016 - The UnPlanner #Week1

From the first day I saw this project that I wanted to join. I have been seeing throughout the year the work of the creative mentors with the previous project The documented life project the Art Journal, and I felt always inspired. But I was in doubt because of time, not having the time for doing that.  But prompts always appear from week to week. We have all the week to record, to play with cards, paints and doodles.  
Another thing that capture my attention was the fact that I could do my all planner with my own materials. The mentors give us wonderful and challenging tips and ideas but then is with you. You don't have to bye those fashioned planners and tabs and expensive materials, that I can even find here where I live.

So I take the project and subscrived it. I think that is  so much important to record those happy moments along the year, it's an opportunity to gather all those papers doodles, photos, tickets, ribbons... and make a wonderful album from my year. I'm so excited with this project. And if you can do that with art and with wonderful and inspiring teachers and beautiful people that constantly inspires and incentive you!! That is gorgeous!!

The Docummented Life Project Th Unplanner is a year long almost free class (what you pay don't pay what you receive from that wonderful people!!) where you are invited to play with your art materials and document your weeks. We receive weekly prompts and challenges with videos and peeks.

I will try to put here on my blog a weekly review of my pages.
If you feel it come and join this artful and positive people!!

Desde o primeiro dia em que vi este projeto que me apeteceu logo juntar-me a ele. Fui vendo ao longo do ano o trabalho das creativas mentoras com os projetos anterior e sentia-me sempre inspirada. Mas fiquei com dúvidas pois o tempo depois falta e tinha medo de não conseguir. 

Mas acabei por me inscrever. É uma forma de documentar as semanas, as coisas giras e interessantes que nos vão acontecendo, aqueles pequenos momentos. É uma espécie de agenda, álbum, um registo do que nos vai acontecendo ao longo das semanas, com imensas possibilidades de adicionarmos apontamentos artísticos muito interessantes.

Hoje deixo-vos um olhar sobre a semana.


  1. So is your book just made out of paper bags? Soo cute! 💗

    1. Hi Anna! Not all pages. But those with wrinkles are from paper bag. I collect them. Just love the color, and texture of this paper. :) Thank you for stopping by! So happy with that!


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