Friday, January 29, 2016

The Documented Life Project - The UnPlanner: #Week4

Time flyes!!! Here we are in week 4 of  "The Documented Life Project" and in the end of January!!!! These are my pages for this week!! 

This week I was experimenting new things! colors, techniques and continuing training my sketching skills!! 

I was totally inspired on Alisa Burke announce of her next lesson "paint with your fingers", and this week I tried that!! Painted some backgrounds and then doodled . 
I gathered all that papers, and most favorite photos and played with my UnPlanner!!! :) This is pure fun!!!

My PAC was made with the leftover parts from the other pages! I continuing to explore my skills and experimenting with the materials!!! Liked so much the result!

With my doodled flowers on a finger painted background I made a pocket for a favorite photo! A weird selfie of me and my hubby! !It's weird but I like her!!
Stitched my finger painted mandala!

This week I was still training my sketching skills! So my recipe for this week was to make a sketch from one of my lunches these days!!!
In this page I use a plastic paper protector that I cut and stitch! (another experience and something new to try!! :) )

In the last page I had a beautiful draw that my boy made with oil paint!! I absolutely love this and I had to record that moment!!!

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