Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Pocket Art Card - my process

Hi guys! Today I want to share with you a quickly step by step of my PAC and Dare 2B of my last week from my UnPlanner.
I'm loving to do this tiny pockets art cards, because is a little space were you can make some art without spending to much time on it!

When I'm painting I sometimes have on my table a sheet of kitchen vegetable paper (like your deli paper), where I  will  put scraps of paint, clean my brushes and sometimes I doodle on it.
So I grabbed on one of this papers and used one flower that I had drawn there. 

In both cards I gave some strokes of blue! The challenge was to make shades of one color. So, I used the same colors on both cards and used acrylic in shades of blue!
I collage some papers and then and some strokes of white paint.

I cut my flower in half's and collage on the both cards.
I added the last notes with some  words and dots.

I made a paper ribbon and stitched on my PAC.


  1. Adorei este trabalho! Cheio de luz e energia! Alíá, como outros que me habituaste a amar!

    1. Obrigada Paula! Sabes que tudo isto tem sido uma descoberta de Luz!!!! Tem sido uma energia tão boa!!!!Tão bom teres vindo aqui!Obrigada por todo o apoio!!

  2. That's so clever! Really really pretty! Thanks for sharing on the group.

    1. Thank you so much Cody for stopping by and leave me a wonderful comment! I really appreciate. I love create, and creation without sharing don't makes sense to me! I love to share with others what I am creating. I also feel so inspired with so many beautiful things that you all share with me. This sharing is important Cody!! Thank you! xoxo


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