Monday, February 8, 2016

The Documented Life Project - The UnPlanner #Week 5

Ok! we are in Week 6 of the UnPlanner but I'm late on my posts!! :) this weeks had been crazy around here.Lots of work! 
So today I will post my fifth week and at the weekend I'll post the week six.
Last week I dedicated limited time to my Unplanner! But I loved the idea of asking someone to start our PAC. I did a background in watercolor and asked my husband to draw what he wanted. We drew our country dream home! :) I added the word "Dream" :) ( I think we are both dreaming!!!! :))

I record my week  on a sheet of a 2009 calendar !!!

On February first i began on instagram a challenge for me. Thirty days of patterns study's (#heartmakespostits). I love pattern and I wanted to do more, but time is to short! So I decided to do on a post it! Five minutes a day! :) It's been a funny time! You can join me too! (#30daysofpatternstudies)

This is my UnPlanner so far! I'm having so much fun doing this!!! 


  1. These pages are awesome Francisca! I love your style!

    1. Hi Michelle!:) Thank you so much for stooping here see my work and leave this kind comment. Really appreciate. So kind of you.


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