Friday, February 12, 2016

The Documented Life Project- The Unplanner- Week 6

Hello great people! :) This are my pages of Week 6 from my Unplanner! We are in the month of love, so i was inspired by that!
This week i made my February cover, which i will share with you tomorrow my process to make it! :)
All the process of this week goodies started with papers that I already add printed with my own hand stamps and stencils!
Then I make one of my recent inventions!! Love Catcher! Love that we all need to have a powerful and shining life! I also did my Pretty Please list!

Can you see the stitches?! Symbolize the beating of our heart :)

My PAC was a symbiosis between my mandalas, my dream catchers and my love catchers, that are the symbols that I most draw! Then I stitched on paper( which I love love to do as your already noticed!!)

 This week I used the idea of Sandi Keene! The paper reinforces! I used them on my PAC and they look beautiful! :)

One of the things that I challenged myself,and all of you that would like to join me on Instagram with this challenge,to do this month some pattern studies!
I draw each day on a post it a different pattern and post it on Instagram!So I had to record this on my Unplanner!

If you want take a look my previous weeks you can go here.
If you want to know more about this wonderful project go here! It's been amazing! :)
Totally recommend!


  1. Your work is STUNNING! I ADORE the patterns you have made, and all those sweet little stitching details, your symbols, everything. Beautiful. You inspire me. I will check out the patterns challenge. I love the idea!

    1. Anna, Thank you so much for your amazing words!:) You made my day!!So happy that you like what i do! You know that I also love your work, and the first time that I found you was with your amazing tissue planner covers! I sad to me wauuu!!! and since then I follow your work. Thanks for all the support. Big hug!


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