Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Documented Life Porject- The UnPlanner March Week 1

Hello!! This is my Week 1 of March of The Docummentig life Project: The UnPlanner! My fist planner is on the limit so I started another one!! :) I steel like the rings as my binders so I used on this one too! I think later I will think on a cover for them but for now I love them like they are!! :)

So March is the month of Spring, the month that I start to think on birds, sun light, flowers and flowers!!! and my heart fills with an incredible energy and creativity! Is my favorite time of the year. So I wanted to make a very happy divider for this month and it was totally inspired by spring!

This week  I made the divider and the PAC and record the most important events of this week
Wile I was doing my divider and my PAC a took some photos on the process and I will share it with you next week!! So stay near by!

Olá! Hoje partilho a minha semana 1 de março do "The Documented Life Project: The UnPlanner"! O meu primeiro Unplanner ficou cheio e então começei outro! Como estamos no mês do início primavera, o mês em que começo a pensar em flores, pássaros, luz do sol, calor... !!! A minha época preferida!!!
Então o separador deste mês foi totalmente inspirado na primavera e em flores!
Na próxima semana mostrarei um pequeno passo a passo sobre como fiz o separador e o meu PAC. :)
Até lá aqui ficam as minhas páginas da semana 1.

In Women's Day my boy give me this gorgeous flower!!! Oh I love flowers!! So I put on my UnPlanner!
No dia da mulhar o meu filho ofereceu-me esta flor!!! :)

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