Friday, April 8, 2016

Flowers embellishments

One of the things that i most love to do is my own embellishments. They are unique and personalized. Today I share with you this simply and beautiful flowers.

I used several papers, like papers from old books, brown paper, paper bags,newspaper, planner pages... Use what you want and have! 
I used a flower stamp that I carved, and which I love and use it a lot!! 
In some of the flowers I just stamped the paper. For others I wanted them colored, with some happy colors, remind me of spring. 
You can use, an variety of techniques, like watercolor, markers, pencils. Make some doodles before the stamp, color the flowers after stamped!! Well just have fun with the process. 

In the end you will have an assortment of colorful flowers that you can use on your art journals, scrapbooking pages, planners, whatever you like!!! :) 


  1. wow! beautiful and love the colors...

    1. Thank you so much Daffy! Thank you for stopping by :)!


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