Monday, April 25, 2016

The Documented Life Project-The UnPlanner April Week 2

Reaching for Rainbows
Creating Outside the lines

Pocket Art Card: Add a face

In April week 2 the challenge was very tricky, really creating outside the lines. Outside my comfort zone. Add a face!!!! Wauu scary! I really don't have facility to draw faces, so this was a good challenge. So I had the opportunity to practice wile I asked my hubby some tips on drawing faces. He is a wonderful drawer and painter, he is my personal teacher!!! :) But this is difficult and wants so much practice!!!!

For my PAC 

1. I glued the card with a painted paper. (Those papers where we clean the scrap paint and the stencils)
2. Draw a face on kitchen vegetable paper. 
3. Glued to the card.
4. Made some marks

For my Dare 2 B Card I used these masking tape from my mixed media works. I share with you here, some weeks ago haw I get this gorgeous and unique tape!

I also made a pocket to put my Dare 2B and the digital art card that I received from the talented Anni Ploug. We made a PAC swap and she also send me a beautiful nature PAC and one of her digital art cards.
I made another pretty pocket where I put my PAC and the one that i received from Anni.

 I love this week challenge, because it was really a challenge to me, so I made two more art cards!!! :) One with a photo from a magazine and the other with some of the faces that we ( me and my husband) made from my class with him!!! :)


  1. I love it all! It's Suz. Your faces are so fun! Your husband does art too? How fun!

    1. Suz you are an amazing friend. So happy for all the support! Thank you so much. Yes my Husband is a draw teacher at high school and an oil painter. But he is to shy and only some months ago he started to show his art because I incentive him. I'm so proud of the wonderful talent he has!!Sometimes he as the patience to give me some tips!!! :)

      You can see some of his works here:

  2. Soooooo great!! Wonderful of him to teach you! :)

    1. Thank you so much Anna. Your support is important to me! Appreciate! Yes he has patience to teach me :)!


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