Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Documented Life Project - The UnPlanner - April Weeek 3

Hi guys today I want to share with you  April week 3 from my UnPlanner and share with you my process to do my PAC. 

PAC Challenge: Create a pocket and fill it

This week I loved the suggestion of Rae Missigman and try to make my approach on using fabric for the Art Card! I love fabric and have some painted by myself, so it was perfect! 

1. Use a stamp leaf to stamp your fabric
2. Cut the fabric and glue it to the PAC
3. Paint the leafs with acrylic pain
4. Add more marks
5. Use another fabric to make the pocket

I fill my pocket and made my List ten with tags that my friend Susan send me with an amount of beautiful goodies!! :) I'm a happy lucky girl!!!! :)


  1. Replies
    1. ahahaha :) Yes I love playing on my UnPlanner Anna!

  2. Hi Francisca! I came over from DLP. Thanks for sharing your unPlanner pages. Love how you made your pocket. What a happy blog you have here!

    1. Hi Laney! :) Thank you so much for stopping here and see my art. Really appreciate. Thanks for you kind words.


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