Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Documented Life Project - The UnPlannner - April Week 4

Hi there beautiful people! :) Yehhhh!!!Finally I managed to get the last week of April and be at the same time of the challenges as the prompts get out!  

For the PAC ant the Pocket, I used the paper I used last week which is so haply colored that is like a Rainbow "Reaching the Rainbows" :)  My brown paper as you know is a paper bag that i double and sew. Is the back of my page from the last week. When I sew the paper I make it in order to stay with pockets, as I show you here and here.

As i love to do I share with you my process on the PAC this week. 

PAC prompt - "fill the card with numbers"

1. Collage strips of papers from a math exercises bock
2. Add some color
3. Add two half circles from the colored deli paper 
4. Add some marks with oil pastels
5. Make doodled flowers with a black pen

This week  I filled my pockets with the beautiful flower card that Susan send to me with an amazing amount of goodies!!! She wrote me in Portuguese!!! Yess she is so sweet! And i put in the pockets the letter and the card. To embellishment my pocket I use a feather that she send to me, and wanted to be thankful not just for her, she as been a really friend has she see my work and always has a positive word for me, but I want to be thankful for all the other beautiful people that I've been connecting with during all this UnPlanner project, that are kind with my work and so positive. Thank you all! :)
I need to make to you  an outburst. It is amazing how in this virtual world, we find people so fantastic, as we do not know in person, but we maintain a daily connection through art that each one does, and get feelings and connection. It's really fantastic!!!

I made this pocket with the deli paper, sewed a false pocket, as we do in fabric, and glued with my colored masking tape. Then I stamped dates. In the love of numbers!!! :)

Want to see my previous weeks? Click the image below

Would love to know more about this happy and funny project? Click the image below!


  1. Love everything about this post!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so happy that you stop by to see my stuff! Really love!

  2. Everything is so pretty, Francisca! Love this online community too! So much encouragement to be found who think like us. :)

    1. Yes Anna you are totally right!! We feel more supported, more confident when we share with a community that speaks like us!!! Thank you so much!


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