Monday, April 18, 2016

The Docummented Life Project 2016 - The UnPlanner March #Week 4

For March week 4 for The  Documented Life Project -The Unplanner, the PAC Challenge was:" Celebrate white space". For this prompt I made three PAC's. One for me and two for swapping with the lovely creatives Anni Ploug and Susan Ogden. I was super excited with this and I wanted that our PAC's had an history! :)  I made them at the same time, created like an art triptico, and then separated them and send them for other corners of this world!!! Eh eh eh!! One stayed here in Portugal on my planner, another went to Dinamarc and the other add a more long trip to USA! 

I share with you my process with this three PAC's. Hope you enjoy!

1. Add some watercolors, to make the centers of the flowers
2. Draw your flowers
3. Add some words to the petals.
4. Add some stitches to make some marks
5. Celebrate the white space

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