Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Pocket Art Card and May divider - my process

PAC: Use one color you usually avoid
I made a swap with a girl from our DLP group Ying-Ya and I make for her two PAC's. This was one of the two PAC's I made for Ying. I used two colors that I normally don't use like dark purple and dark green. 
In this one I started de pac and went to the finish without thinking on photos of the process!!!

But this was what i did:
Add paint as background
Doodle some positive words
Add some white
Make some marks with stamps and black pen
Glue a half flower in each PAC
Paint the flower
Add some stitches

The May divider I made using the same colors that i normally don't use. But I use them and i loved the result!!!! eh eh eh

As usually I used a paper bag, that i folded and stitched.

I painted with the acrylic paint and after it is dry i stamped with white some flowers.
I used a scrapbook paper that Susana send to me in a swap that we did. I loved the paper, i tore a piece and stitched to  the divider.

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