Monday, January 23, 2017

Art Marks 30 days challenge - Days 1 - 8

Last week I've joined a challenge created by the talented and inspiring Rae Missigman #artmakes30daychallenge. I created four little A6 art journal with assorted and saved paper. 
I'm loving this challenge, because it's turning it self in a real challenge for me too!!
I'm discovering that is much more easy to work on a small scale. I'm loving using lots and lots of marks and this has been an experience with colors combination too! 

For more details and prompts about this challenge take a look on Rae's site.
Here is a sneak peek about my first week of challenge. 

     Art Marks 30 Days Challenge

Day 1 - Petal Like

Day 2 - Needlework

 Day 3 - Concentric

Day 4 - Just Three

Day 5 - More than one

Day 6 - Gridded

Day 7 - Dozens

Day 8 - Rings

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