Monday, February 20, 2017

Handmade stencils

I really love to do and personalize my own things. At other way I really live on a budget on questions of art material, so i have to be creative and make the most of my stuff. But i really like, because they come unique, personalized and yours!!!
Stencils are one of those things that you can do with lots of materials.
In my case i like to use  plastic dividers because they are easy to cut and they are durable,
I draw my stencils on the plastic divider and then I cut with a cut tool. For the first steps I use a scissors, and then for the details I cut with a x-acto.

Take a look to my process and see the stencils that I created.

For cut my stencils I use a x-acto like this one.

I love them!!!

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