Friday, February 24, 2017

LD week 8 - PAC my process

PAC - prompt: use under paper 

As I told you yesterday I will share with you my process on the PAC for week 8. The prompt  was to use scrap paper or under paper. So I use my under paper. Almost all the time I have on my table as under paper sheets of vegetable paper ( like baking paper). All the scraps of paint, stencils or stamps will go there. At the end I have a mixture of things and color on that paper that is just delicious!!!
I had also a little scrap of paper that already had a stitch on it. So I use it for my PAC.

1. Round the corners of my card 

2. Choose one interesting part of the under paper and glue on the card

3. Add some paint to cover those blank parts
(first i use a fluorescent orange and then a fluorescent pink)

4. Make marks with pens and pencils

5. To add more texture sew more your card.

Hope you like and get some inspiration!


  1. I love this I will be make sure I put my under paper down to be able to create such beauty x

  2. Thank you Claire. Yes since we don't think on the paper, the paint and stamps goes there randomly at the end we have a surprising and gorgeous paper :)


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