Thursday, February 9, 2017

Life documented 2017 - Art Card my process

In week 6 of documented life 2017 the prompt was: To create a page using layers - as many as you can/wish! and the quote was ‘I love layers’
Last year one of the things that i most loved to do on my unplanner where this little pocket art cards. They are small size cards that we can easily do art in and i always love the result. So this year i decided to continue doing them for my unplanner. And time to time I like to share my process. 
I hope that this little cards can inspire you and loved to see yours too.

1- As I don't have a gelli plate i use an acetate foil to do a print in my card.
2 - Select some papers to collage
     3 - Glue the papers and add some marks
 4 - Add some white to highlight some areas
5 - Doodle flowers and add more marks
6 - Stitch some edges of the card


  1. I too liked the PACs last year and have continued with them. Lovely cards and journals.

    1. Thank you so much Monica for topping by, see my work and leave a comment. I really appreciate. I loved the PAC's, and from time to time I go to my Unplanner to see them to inspire me. :)

  2. Beautiful! I don't use the gelli plate all the time either. I made my own from a recipe. I love the steps you have done! <3

    1. Oh really Suz? I saw on you tube those plates but I never did one. I works? It's durable?


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