Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Life Documented 2017 - Week 6

We are at week 6 on Life Documented and for this week as we are enter in February we had to do the monthly divider. I loved to do mine. I add lots of color, marks and texture as I love!!!
The prompt for the week is " To create a page using layers - as many as you can/wish!" and the quote is: ‘I love layers’ Alexander Wang. 
For do the prompt I made a little art card. Last year one of the things that i most loved to do in my Unplanner was the PAC's, pocket art cards. So this year i will do them again! 
Finally I created a page to document my week.

This is my divider for February. 

  My little art card. I will post tomorrow all the process on making it!!

 I used strips of painted paper to document my week

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