Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Life documented 2017 Week 7 - Valentine

Hi friends hello again! Two posts on one day!!!! Wauuu. But is Valentine day, so I can! :)
I want to share my page dedicated to Valentine.
For this week the prompt was just Valentine, and the quote was that I wrote on the page. The suggestion came from Claire Ann, that shared his spread on life documented blog,  and i loved so much. That goes beyond the love that we think for this day. It is more huge and leaves a message of grandeur, of holistic love.

For this page I use two kinds of tape that I made. You know how I love to create my own embellishments!!!

I incorporated the quote and one of the Valentine tags that I have made.

Want to know more about Life documented 2017 and this wonderful group? 
Take a look on this blog 

If you want to see more of my pages take a look here.

Thank you for stooping by. 

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