Monday, February 27, 2017

Life documented page - a quick step by step

Hello my creative friends!!! I'm so happy because these days I'm visiting my sister that lives a little far from me!! We are passing a blast of days!! But my advanced pregnancy stage makes me a little tired!! LOL!! But i'm energizing myself in Lisbon with my sister!!

Well!! Today as I promised to you  I want to share the steps of my art journal page for week 8 on Life Documented. The prompt was use under paper or scrap paper. In this page I use little scraps of paper, because we all have tons of them don't we :) :)!!! The technique was to turn thin paper in to more strong paper to work on!

My journal for life document is made of thin paper and used paper. Paper that I used to do experiences or printed, or painted. Is that why this page was already with paint!!

1. Grab some scraps of paper. whatever you have.

2.  Collage the papers in no specific order 
3. To make it more strong I add a layer of gesso

4. Then is time to play with color 

5. I love marks on my work. So i use mark tools and stamps to add marks.

6. I draw a mandala with a black waterproof pen and then painted

7.  I felt that it needs a little more mark making!!! I love to add words to my work. And I add a little more of marks with white pen and pencil. 

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