Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine Tags

Hi hello friends! Wish you a great valentine day here from Portugal. Today I want to share with you these two little valentine tags that i made to put on my unplanner this week, celebrating Valentine.
They are really simple to do and I think they get lovely.

 I collect all those tags that came with clothes. I really love to repurpose and some of the tags are lovely . This are  two blank tags made of hard cardstock and I use them for my valentine tags. Of course you can use whatever you have in yours tags stash.
 I have some printed or stamped fabric that I painted my own and sometimes I like to use instead of paper. It gives another texture. In this case I used a stamped fabric

1. Glue painted fabric to your tag

2. Use some stamps. I used two of my hand carved stamps to had some marks and embellishments.

3. Write a word that is important to you and represents this day. Add some more marks to your tag.

4. If you want put a ribbon attach to your tag.

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