Friday, March 10, 2017

Life Documented - PAC my process

As I told you today I thought share with you my process to make my PAC (pocket art card) for Life Documented - week 10.
I really love to do this little art cards. In little space you can experiment, try new techniques, collage, doodle, sew, draw, well, almost everything in a little piece of paper and in short time. 
This month theme is bloom, so i draw some flowers and used a technique with watercolors and isopropyl alcohol. This is a very fun technique. Um add some washes of watercolor to you paper and then with another brush you add some isopropyl alcohol. Because his proprieties the watercolor is going to spread, turn that space more white, and you will have a beautiful effect. 
If you didn't try you will want too for sure. Is very fun.

1. Wet down the surface of the card with water. Then add watercolors. 

2. I draw the shape of two flowers with the watercolors. After this with another brush add drops of isopropyl alcohol and see the changes on you watercolor. Is beautiful.

3. With a black pen doodle the flowers

4. With acrylic paint add more color to the card

5. Time to add marks, lots of marks to the card. I love to do marks, it gives another strength to my works, that i love. 

6. Sew parts of the card to give it texture.

Hope you like it and have some fun with this technique. I would love to know if you like to do this little art cards. When do you do them? 

Want to see more of my others pocket art cards process? Since last year with DLP project I make them and share many of my process. 
Take a look here

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