Monday, March 6, 2017

Life Documented - Week 9

Hey friends! I have been a little absent here this past week because I was visiting my sister in Lisbon. It was a wonderful time of family. So this week I was very inspired to document our week on my Unplanner.

First I made a mandala in a pocket where I put all the ephemera stuff that I collected from this days! :)

This week the prompt was - add a clear tip in and the technique was add a window to one of your pages. 
My interpretation of this challenge was to use one clear plastic divider that I use like palette. So it was not clear anymore  but with a yummy patine of color that I love.
And in my PAC I use a translucent paper to add a little window.

Inside this window I glued a postcard that I found in a chocolate shop in Lisbon from an artist. On the back of the postcard was this quote that i loved and i decided to add in my journal. 

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