Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Mandala mark making - tutorial

In week 5 of Life Documented I did a page in my journal with mandalas, feathers and lots of marks, like this one. One creative girl from the group, Teri Mezzo Flemalasked me if I could share some steps. Sometimes I'm only creating and i don't remember of taking photos. I just let the creative fluid flow and it's so good!!!
So I did another one and take some photos to share the steps. Hope you like,I gather three of the things that I most love that are mandalas, feathers and mark making.

1. I play with washes of watercolor on a watercolor paper

2. I draw my mandalas and feathers.

3. Paint all the rest with black acrylic paint.

4. I add more detail and bold to some parts of my mandalas.

5. Now is time for marks, lots of marks!!! I love to incorporate words in my work. 

                                6. I add lots of dots too!!


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