Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Pocket Art Card and a little tag tutorial

Hi friends! Today I want to share with you the PAC (ATC) that I did for life documented week 12 as i was the guest this week. 
I made the ATC as is usual and made a little tag where I wrote the quote that I choose for this week. 
The prompt that I choose for this week was doodle or draw Bloom Mandalas. So I use the mandalas that I show you on yesterday post.

 The technique that I suggest was play with washes and drip of watercolor. So again I play with washes of watercolors.

1. Wet the cards and then add washes of watercolor.
2. Add marks with bubble plastic. After it drys the dots marks will remain.

3. Collage half of one mandala ( i love to add my drawings to my mixed media work)

 4. Doodle some flowers ( we are playing with bloom mandalas and flowers)
5. Add some white paint 
6. I use acrylic paint to add some color to my flowers. I add also some fluorescent pink to the background.
7. Add marks to the card. I use acrylic paint and pens.

8. To finish I add some stitches to my card.(You know how I love that!!!) I really love the result of that marks on the card. 

For the little tag I use the same technique that I use on the PAC.

1. Glue on the top of the tag half of one mandala

2. Add more color and some marks

3. Stitch all around the card

4. I wrote the quote on the little tag.

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  1. I love the vibrancy of our paints!! Looks like you use acrylics!! They are glorious!


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