Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Life Documenting - Art Journal Vol. 2

My first Art Journal for Life Documented has finished so I made another one, with more pages so i can document during more months.
This is my first art journal. Is totally yammy and fat with happy colors, so many memories!! :)

In this second journal I use one paper bag that I painted last year and was hanging on my wall during a long time.
But now I wanted to use it for another thing. So i thought on use it for the cover of my Journal. I created the cover with card stock from cereal boxes and stitched three signatures of white paper. Loved the result. 


  1. I have no words. It's always so beautiful! So inspirinsg!Thank you Francisca!

    1. OH!!! thank you so much. I really love that you can be inspired with my work. <3<3


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