Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Life Documented week 16

Hi friends!! Has been a wile since my last post here! The reason is that my little baby has born on 10 April, so this past month was almost taking care of this little angel. She is so sweet that my heart is totally melted! I have another son. He has 10 yeas, so being a mum after 10 years has been so beautiful and different. I'm now more calm and confident than I was ten years ago, and i'm fruiting this little girl every moment that I can. I'm loving! Today we celebrate one month with Constança.

But, has I'm in love with this little being and I'm loving taking care of her, I need from the bottom of my soul to do my art. Is so important for me guys. I think you understand me!! So every few minutes that I have, when my baby is sleeping and my oldest is at school, I'm still trying to continue with the challenges that I started this year.

I've been putting my weeks of Life Documented in day.
Today I want to share with you week 16.
This week prompt was add photos to your spread.
I made a spread with a photo of my two lovelies as a focal point and made a pocket to collect more photos and a scrap paper tag.
I put the photos on a pocket made from a little white paper bag that I saved. After sewing the paper bag I get two  little pockets. One for photos and another for the tag. I really loved the result.
About the scrap paper tags I will talk of them later in another post.

The front of the pocket

Back of the pocket


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