Saturday, February 23, 2019

Life Documented Week 9 - "Explora"

Hi lovely friends!

I’m so happy to be again on Life Documented project for another week and share my creative process.  

February theme: create with less and use what you have. Crash your stash!
Prompt: use a base you don’t usually use
Quote: “Explora”

This month theme it means a lot to me because as an artist I always work on a budget and I use lots of things that I have around me. Besides that I just love to reuse and find new uses for stuff that I gather.
The prompt is ‘use a base that you normally don’t use. In my journal for this year I incorporated along with paper canvas, because this year I want to explore more fabric on my mixed media works.
For this week instead of a quote I decided to try a word. ‘Explora’ is the Portuguese word for ‘Explore’ and we are exploring new bases to work on so it sounds to me perfect to use it!

I did a video  sharing some of my thoughts on this theme and prompt, I explain all the materials I’m going to use and them I create all the spreads.

So grab you journal, sit at your art table and let’s create.

Have fun!

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