Friday, May 3, 2019

Small Journals - Life Documented

Hi friends!
Is time for another video for Life Documented.

May theme: Journal on the fly
Prompt: make a small journal to carry with you
Technique: Use scraps of papers to create small journals
Quote: Crete Art anytime everywhere.

For this week we are going to create small journals to take with us on the go!
I love to work on small size. And I use small hand size journals not only to carry with me but also to work at home when I don’t have too much time for a bigger page.
For my daily practice I use very simple journals with different kind of papers.

I made a video where I create my hand size journals and I also create a kind of a flowish journal to have always on hand scraps of paper ready to be used as collage on your little journals. I was very inspired by the gorgeous boocklets that Roben-Marie has been making for her #100daysproject, and so inspired on her I made this flowish journal!

Check out the video!

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