Monday, June 10, 2019


Hey there friends!
I have great news to share with you all.

You know how important is for me your support and positive comments about my work . I'm absolutely grateful for this beautiful community.
As I already shared on Instagram is my goal to take my art and my creative journey into another level, sharing ideas, tips, and my creative process with you is one of my intentions.

I really believe that when we share we growth though is so important that we can be able to create together and  I'll be happy if I spread some joy and inspiration to you all.

      Here are the news!!! Yehhh

I created a tag set using my own art and I want to give YOU them for free. This tag set is a start to create. You know how "freedom" is my main word when I create. So feel free to rip, tear, paint over, collage. Explore and recreate with these tags.

Sign up for your Free 

I would love see all your creations with the tags. So please share it with us on social media. 
On Instagram or in facebook use the #heartmakesinspired so I don´t miss any!!

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