Saturday, June 15, 2019

The 100 Day Project I Review

This year for the first time in my art journey I had the courage to jump into the big challenge #The100dayproject. Always seems to me so big that I thought! You will never can do that!! Life is too busy, runs so fast. It's not possible.

But this year it sounds like different!! Me and some friends at that time we were trying to figure how could we get together an artjournal community in Portugal. We feel that we need that, because artjournaling is not so well known here. So we decided that #the100dayproject could be a very interesting starting point to start that community. We created a challenge in the big one and we call it #100daysartjournalemportugu√™s and we started.

This is not a very easy challenge. Commit to make every single day a piece of art during 100 days is not easy. But since I started many things have change. My process evolved so much an I've been able to define my way of making art. It's strange, but that is the truth. 

I'am now at the middle of the challenge and more 50 pieces I'm going to create. At the end of the project I will for sure have some interesting thoughts about this journey to say and a beautiful collection of little pieces of art. I'm learning so much!!

I post every day my creations on instagram. Follow me there.

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