Wednesday, September 11, 2019

7 tips to be highly creative on the go

Hi lovely creatives! 

If you follow me on instagram you know that I was on vacation with family and that I carry with me a little folder with some supplies and that allowed me to create and get inspired during my holiday time.

I know that for some people going out of their studio or art corner can be just stressful and a block point for creativity. Being out with family and friends, trying to see everything can easily seem that we don't have time to create.

But I found out that there is time, and that is not so difficult to create on the go if we follow some tips that help to adjust the mindset and maintain that freedom vibe to create

So lets jump into this 7 tips that will help you 
to be highly creative when you are on the go

1.Prepare a simple art kit with few supplies

Grab only the supply's that you love most and use on a daily basis. That kit should be easy to get out of your bag and create on a simple chair. Too many stuff will overwhelm you and enable you to pull out your stuff to sketch something simple. You will probably think: oh so many work to just sketch a flower, or to take notes of this colors!! You will end up not doing it! 
And this simple things might be a starting point to a future bigger work, or ideas to then create on the studio when you come back home. 
So simplicity is the key!

This was the kit that I selected this year for vacation

see the video of all the supplies here

watch the video making this version of a "flowish" journal to have stack of scraps always handy 

2. Grab one or two very simple and junk journals

If I use a brand new journal, with white untouched fancy paper I feel blocked. I cannot create easily at home so worse is when I'm on the go. So I grab small little journals with painted pages, that I know that they will inspire me to create and that I will not be sorry if I mess up on them.
Think on your on the go journal as a visual inspiration keeper rather than a book where you will create great art pieces. The mindset of creating big beautiful things can itself  block creativity.
Also prepare some awesome scrap papers that inspire you to start. I create a kind of a flowish journal that helps me have on hand a stack of paper that I love

3. Look at your surroundings for inspiration

When I'm out for some walks or holidays with family I really allow me to inspire good and beautiful things around me. 
I look at nature, the flowers, the sea, I see the colors, shapes, objects, the lights. I pay attention to the little things. If something catches my eyes I can take a picture and then use as inspiration, or I use the journals to scribble a shape, add some colors, collage some papers. I even can take some notes to remind me latter. For me this is all part of the creative process. 
As I said back is not the master piece itself that I'm looking for but the little bits that will feed my inspiration for later creations.

4. Don't worry about the product but enjoy the process

Being out of home and out of internet is an amazing opportunity for being you, for letting the way you see the world express through your journal. So just inspire that vibe of freedom when you are on the go and let it go. Don't think too much, just enjoy the creative process.

5. You only need 10 min of the day to lay down some color strokes and some scribbles

Again my goal when I'm out is to keep my mojo up and feed my inspiration. So if I only have time to spread some paint to the journal, scribble some sketches I'll be happy anyway, because that is also part of my creative process and I know that these little bits are precious for my creations.

6. Use chunks of time to create one page in different moments

In vacation we always have family or friends near us, which is so awesome, but if you want to create a bigger page and don't have that all time it can be stressful. So my tip is to use little chunks of time and keep going on that page on different moments. 
I saw myself starting a page with some paint, and then in other moment I add some collage, and in another day I sketch some flowers, and so on. Your soul will get satisfied because you indeed create a little bit and you will not stress because of time lack. 

7. Create anywhere

If you carry with you just a journal and few supplies you literally can create everywhere when that little moment alone comes to you. When inspiration flows to you mind or when you see something that needs to be noted.

Don't think on creating a master piece on the go.  Instead think as a process of picking bits of little things, taking notes, ideas, some sketches, feeding your inspiration. With your soul full you will create your master piece later!!


And my extra tip is that if you have little kids and they love to play with you let them be part of that creative moment. Give them a little journal and let them play with you. Is an absolute rewording moment. In my art bag I added a set of watercolors for my little girl. She loves to be messy with me!!

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