Monday, September 2, 2019

Most loved supplies to be creative on the go

Hello creative friends!!

As you might know if you follow me on Instagram I was on vacation and I carried with me a little folder with some supplies. After so many questions about what I choose to go with me and my journals I decided to create a bigger video explaining what was in the bags. 

Creating on the go can be difficult because we have so many places to go and things to see. But at the same time creativity can be in higher levels because you are seeing new things and places, you can be relaxing in a beach or a cafe and inspiration can come in those quiet moments. Probably you will want to take some notes, to sketch, to make some swatches of color, just make a simple collage, a quick scribble. 
So because of  that is so important that you carry with you some supplies to always have on hand something to create when creativity come or when you see that ignition for future projects.

Here are my most loved supplies that I add to my bag and that lead me to create and be creative while I was out of my studio.

Art journals - I love to make my own journals. They speak to me and they are made to inspire me to create. I use papers that are already painted or dyed to easily start. 
I was travelling with an A5 ecodyed journal, and two little hand size journals.

Collage paper - is easy to create if you have on hand a stack of paper that you love to use as collage. I used a kind of a flowish journal that I made some time ago. You can see the video on how I did it here.

Hand made masking tape - I love to use masking tape that I paint my own to use later as collage and make texture or starting points to create. 

Soft Pastels, Watercolor, acrylics - I love soft pastels. They are easy to carry and I found that if they are watered they get with bright colors that I love to use. Then choose another type of colors. Watercolor can be the most practical way to go with color. But if you choose acrylics don't go with to many colors. Two or three is perfect. 

Nib pen, water soluble pencils and some pens - As you know I love to sketch flowers. So I can't go without a nib pen and liquid watercolor. I also use graphite and charcoal water soluble. They are also great to sketch, to make marks and give shadows to create depth.
Grab markers, white and black. It will help with marks and drawing. 

Gesso - I choose not to carry white acrylic. Instead I grab a little container with gesso. It fit two functions at once. Seal and make the paper easy to work and I'll use as white color if I needed.

Water and glue -  Is good to have a spray bottle with water on hand to activate the watercolors and the soft pastels. A little stick of glue is great for that bits of paper to collage.

(I carried my journals on this burlap folder made by my friend @lisboa_colors)

This was all the set of supplies that I carry with me. I really make it very simple to always have on hand things and create everywhere without stressing or getting overwhelmed with lots of stuff. 

Check the video explaining all the details of the supplies I used. 

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