Hey! Welcome to my blog!! I'm so happy that you are here.

If you are reading this page is probably because you are passionate about art journal and mixed media or you are taking the first steps on artjournaling.

If you are looking for inspiration, tips, videos about art journaling some good freebies to incorporate into your spreads, how to make messy creative artjournals, so this is the place where I will share with you all my tips, my creative process, my messy way of making and thinking artjournaling.

I feel that heart and soul play together and guide us to express        

I will share with you my passion by color and nature and the way that I mix them. Artjournals are the main tool for creativity. The room for expression. So I will give you my most favorite ideas on making our own artjournals so they express our character and personality.

I'm Francisca Nunes a mixed media artist living in Portugal

My art is colorful, intuitive, with deep connection with my soul fused with my nature references.
I love create my own artjournals for then get messy on them. I abuse of color, marks, exploration of line and texture. Since kid I have a special love for reuse and repurpose materials mainly papers and fabrics. You can see in my journals all kind of saved papers and rescued pieces of fabrics, that I incorporate into my art.

Lately I discovered ecodye and ecoprint on fabric and paper, which I'm still exploring and learning, but I've fused another element  to my works. Plants as a medium to create. I've already draw them, but now I'm using them as ink and it's transforming my creativity.

  • I'm mum of two. They are too different and life can be very challenging with these two but they feed my soul and make my heart beat.
  • Artjournaling came into my life in 2014 and I started doodling flowers, mandalas and dream catchers. The idea of playing free with scribbles, paint, collage papers made my heart sing.
  • I grow my own vegetables!! Yeh!! I run a kitchen garden in a plot just beside my home. Many of my spring and summer time is out there in the field growing salad leaves, roots, herbs, berries and flowers. 
  • Since I was kid I loved nature and at a young age I wanted to be a Biologist. So I graduated Biologist.
  • Favorite color? I think I don't have just one. I use to say that i love black with color.
  • I have a passion for recycling. In the garden I transform all organic waste into compost for then grow again more food. And in my art I use all kinds of rescued papers and fibers to (re)create art.

Thank you for being here. Your support is so appreciated!

I have for you a Free download with my art
Have Fun! 

I would love to hear from you. Have any question? Want to share some tips and ideas with me? Contact me! 


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